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Breath and Rest

Breath and Rest


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Jasper Heijster

Jasper Heijster

Op Holimoni sinds 12 september 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 12 sep. 2023

How would it be for you to be fully in control of your breathing again, to reduce stress, regain energy, and be able to sleep calmly and deeply? And what if your breathing could support you in improving your sports performance, so you can achieve your goals faster and easier? You want that too, don't you? Breathing coaching from a passion for breathing and good health, delivered soberly and without fuss and always supported from a physiological standpoint. Breathing and Rest emerged with the intention of sharing the valuable power of breathing. It is very satisfying to motivate and help others to reconnect with themselves, as breathing has done for me. By connecting with your most fundamental life need, you will come home to yourself again.


Burnout symptoms

Chronic stress


Sleep problems


Breathing coach

Epiphora method

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Breathing coach (Mr. Breath)

Epiphora method (Hans Timmerman)



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Breath and Rest

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