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Alesa coaching

Alesa coaching


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Rosita Stolwijk

Rosita Stolwijk

Op Holimoni sinds 29 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 29 okt. 2023

As a holistic coach, I will delve deeper into your question together with you. What do you have to learn? What needs to be seen? Are there perhaps conditioning, patterns, fears, beliefs, traumas, inner child pieces or memories that are obstructing you? In sessions, I take you on a journey of discovery and ask you to be open to everything that presents itself. With the goal of getting to the core and transforming the pieces on a physical, emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual level so that you create more space, let the energy flow again and gain insights. In addition to these healing sessions, I also facilitate the Bridgeman Lighter Life coaching program. In 10 sessions, you will go on a discovery and learn to know yourself better with the aim of achieving a better balance and making better use of your potential. Do you want a bit of both? To move more towards yourself, reflect, combine elements from the Lighter Life program with relaxation exercises and healing sessions? Less from the head, more from the heart? It's possible! Get to know my own developed Alesa coaching program. Especially interesting if you are at the beginning of your consciousness growth, curious and want to strengthen yourself. You are more than welcome!


Personal growth

Consciousness development

Stress & Relaxation

Trauma healing

Intuitive healing

Energy plant


Holistic coach, Transformative coach, Lighter life coach, Intuitive healing, Consciousness coach, Spiritual coach, Regression/Reincarnation, Traumahealing

Transformatief coach sinds 2022

Lichter leven coach sinds 2022

Intuïtieve-/ traumahealing sinds 2022

Bewustzijnscoach sinds 2022

Spiritueel coach/ Regressie/Reïncarnatie sinds 2022

Education & Courses

Transformative coaching (Bridgeman Academy)

Lighter life coach (Bridgeman Academy)

Spiritual life with both feet on the ground (Bridgeman Academy)



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Alesa coaching

Holistic coach, Transformative coach, Living lighter coach, Intuitive healing, Consciousness coach, Spiritual coach, Regression/Reincarnation, Trauma healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Stress & Relaxation, Daydream therapy, Light circles

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