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Angie's Company

Angie's Company

Hendrik Ido Ambacht

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Angela Koorevaar

Angela Koorevaar

Op Holimoni sinds 24 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 24 okt. 2023

Many people do work that does not truly make them happy and continue to stay in that job. They would prefer to do something else, but they are not sure what ... I coach people in the field of work. People who really want to do work that makes them happy and that suits them. During the sessions, we go back to the feeling. What do you really want to do for work? Many people search for the answer to this question outside of themselves, I believe that the answer lies within. We will look at what unconsciously causes you to stay in that job and not take the step to do something that makes you very happy. I use the NEI methodology for this. Neuro Emotional Integration. Furthermore, during the sessions, I take you through visualizations and various other exercises. I know from personal experience what it's like to keep searching for work that suits you and always end up with: 'I don't know what I want'. When I came into contact with NEI because I had a physical complaint, I knew: This is what I want to do! After obtaining my diploma, I set up my practice at home. By the way, the NEI methodology can be used for many things, looking at the cause of all kinds of complaints and problems. My motto is: Live your dream! Do what you enjoy doing so that working no longer feels like work.


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NEI Coach - Neuro Emotional Integration (Training Institute for Integral Coaching and Therapy Jolanda Vleugel)



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Angie's Company

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