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Anneloes Broek

Anneloes Broek

Op Holimoni sinds 18 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 18 okt. 2023

As an Intuitive Coach and Regression and Reincarnation therapist, I pay close attention to you, enjoy your Loving Development, and share my Energy with you. During a session, I make heart-to-heart contact with you, so that I can be fully present for you and you feel seen. Empathy, sensitivity, enthusiasm, as well as effectiveness characterize me as a coach. With me, you can search for answers to your questions, and take all the time you need for reflection, contemplation, and growth. Why? Because I want that for you so much! Before a session, we will have an introduction over the phone, so that we can explore together which form of coaching or therapy is most suitable for you. If we choose intuitive coaching, we not only have a conversation but also work intuitively by working with what is visible, tangible, or perceptible at that moment. During the sessions, the following forms can be used: -Rational-Emotive Therapy (RET) -Meditation and visualization -Relaxation exercises -Reiki -Representative constellations. If a Regression and Reincarnation session is more appropriate to the request for help, we will first identify your specific request during a comprehensive session. Then, I will guide you in a fully relaxed meditative state to a previous life. In this previous life, you can find answers to fears, blocks, and/or obstacles that you experience in this life. Through the insights gained during the session, you can release beliefs, limitations, and blockages and they will no longer control you in this life. In my practice, there is space for you, to be who you are and to become who you want to be!


Stress and burnout symptoms

Young parents

Defense personnel

From (work)pressure to (work)happiness


Relaxation coach

Intuitive Coach

Regression and Reincarnation Therapy

Education & Courses

Intuitive Coach (IMC Human Development human-oriented training and coaching)

Stress and Burnout Coach (Laudius)

Reiki Master (Circle)

Association of Reiki Masters Regression and Reincarnation Therapists (Civas and Mahatma Spiritual Center)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce



Studio Aloe

Intuitive Coach, Relaxation Coach, Regression and Reincarnation Therapist and Reiki Master, Balance, (work) happiness, relaxation, stress-free, aligning head and heart, listening to your feelings, following your heart, body awareness, body work, reiki, reincarnation, removing blocks, personal growth, stress and burnout, insecurity, unrest.

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