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Op Holimoni sinds 19 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 19 okt. 2023

Welcome, Balance by Do has a small-scale practice where a holistic approach is taken towards your overall sense of wellbeing and health. This may involve: physical complaints, emotional complaints, energetic complaints, (having little energy) mental complaints. The process of becoming aware is also included during these forms of therapy. I work with a biotensor. The biotensor is a precise and sensitive measuring instrument that resonates with the present life energy. In this way, the help question can be tested even more concretely in terms of what you need with regard to the complaint and is incredibly helpful in the healing process. My love for supporting people in their process of becoming aware has arisen after completing these valuable courses. Initially, it was to heal myself, but from that came the drive to share this way of healing from that knowledge. Because when you understand why you feel the way you do, you can let it go. This creates space for healing in what you most deeply desire and need.


Holistic approach to physical complaints

Emotional complaints

Unwanted behavior


Holistic therapist & Reiki

No Coach

Education & Courses

Holistic therapist and Reiki trainer (Zoma Education)

No Coach - Neuro Emotional Integration (Training institute for integral coaching and therapy, Jolanda Vleugel)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce


Balance By Do

Holistic therapist, Reiki trainer & NEI coach (Neuro-Emotional Integration), Holistic approach, Reiki, NEI therapy

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