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Beyond the Mind

Beyond the Mind

Capelle aan den IJssel


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Sanne Huijts

Sanne Huijts

Op Holimoni sinds 29 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 29 okt. 2023

As a holistic therapist, it is my goal to guide you towards more inner peace, personal growth, and healing. I have a natural passion for personal growth and development. I find it incredibly fascinating to guide people through their inner processes. Holistic therapy teaches you to listen again to what your body is telling you. This form of therapy teaches you to really connect with your emotions and listen to your intuition. You learn to examine and transform limiting beliefs and emotions in a gentle but firm way. Emotions want to move, and when we suppress emotions, they can become stuck in the body. I see you as a whole, assuming that you are physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually connected and that these levels influence each other. Life-changing events that you have been carrying with you for years cannot be felt or healed in just one or two sessions. This requires patience, recognition, acceptance, courage, compassion, forgiveness and a large dose of self-love, among other things. My sessions are tailored to your personal issues, including the use of breath work, table or physical family system setups, inner child work, walking coaching, shadow work, Reiki, meditations, and other various exercises. I authentically mirror you, while connecting with your unique process. Do you feel that you are ready to dive deeper into your personal process? Be welcome and schedule a first appointment. I also offer therapy for children from 7 years old. Please take a look at the website for more information! Sessions take place near Rotterdam in Capelle aan den IJssel.


Stress and burnout symptoms, Self-Care & Self-Worth, Feeling down

Family difficulties, Inner conflicts, Loss and grief

Self-actualization and personal growth, Processing childhood and adolescence, Blockages in the body, HSP in adults and children

Breathing problems, Tension, Emotional problems, Divorce, Parenting

Dealing with high sensitivity, Boundaries, Questions about life, Making contact with your body, Discovering your emotional world


Holistic therapist

Family system constellations practitioner

Reiki master

Breathing work coach

Education & Courses

Holistic Therapist (Zoma education)

Reiki Master (Zoma training)

Breathing work coach (Breathwork)

Family Constellations (Zoma and Smara Trainings)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce



Beyond the Mind

Holistic therapist, Breathwork coach, Family system constellator, Reiki master, Holistic approach, Body-oriented therapy, Inner child work, Shadow work, Reiki, Family constellation, Breathwork, Walk coaching

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