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Simone Timmers

Simone Timmers

Op Holimoni sinds 13 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 13 okt. 2023

If you want to regain your strength, feel emotionally off-balance, or keep worrying about that one life question? I'm happy to help alleviate these symptoms. At Moon, we work together to use your inner compass to fully empower yourself. During a session, I focus on what is inside you and the messages I am allowed to receive. My goal is to support you in your growth towards living from the heart and intuition. It is your internal imbalance that can manifest itself in various symptoms, such as: difficulty sleeping, worrying, physical discomforts such as eczema, burnout or hypersensitivity. Your complaint or discomfort is a message from your body. Your body tells you to take action. I help you to understand and tackle this. If you have a life question, something you have never been able to ask your loved ones, or something you keep worrying about, let me help you understand these questions and give you the answers you long for. Love, Moon


Physical discomforts; Burnout symptoms, skin rash, poor sleep, muscle aches

Learning to live from the heart instead of the head

Negative self-image / insecurity


Energy coaching

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Energy coach - Homeospirit (2015-2020)



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At Moon

Energy coaching, Practical spirituality, Healings, Readings

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