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Cacao Sisterhood

Cacao Sisterhood


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Op Holimoni sinds 24 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 24 okt. 2023

Getting women connected, how beautiful and powerful is that. That is what I do through group ceremonies with cacao. I work with different themes: Heart-opening ceremony, inner child ceremony, and letting-go ceremony. Each ceremony is different and symbolizes something else. My goal is to make women more aware of themselves and to stand more in their own power. I help you with this through the cacao and guided meditations with reiki. The ceremonies take place in a beautiful cozy room where everything can be shared and stays there. I really enjoy connecting with other women. In the beginning, I found this very difficult and I couldn't get along with other women, often there was a struggle and jealousy, but now I see that we have so much in common with each other and we often all face the same things in life. How beautiful is it to find like-minded women, to connect and to heal together and to go through life in full force!



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Cacao Sisterhood

Cacao facilitator & Holistic therapist in training, Reiki, Cacao ceremonies, women's circles, connection, awareness

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