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Desiree Swalef

Desiree Swalef

Zoetermeer, Naaldwijk


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Desiree Swalef

Desiree Swalef

Op Holimoni sinds 26 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 26 okt. 2023

Giving direction from my heart, where I let my intuition speak. Lovingly and purposefully towards the essence of your question. This is what I stand for! My focus is on hypnotherapy and illumination. With hypnotherapy, you scale down to the deeper emotional layers in your subconscious, where a wealth of information lies that provides insight into your unique process. Illumination literally means enlightenment. This is body-oriented trauma processing where the energetic field and regression are part of it. Within hypnotherapy, I guide children from 11 years old to adults. Illumination is from 18 years old. The common denominator in the request for help from children, adolescents, and adults is that they have lost something in themselves, have become more distant from themselves, are too much in their heads, and can no longer or want to feel. This is followed by physical or mental complaints with all the consequences that entails. My mission is to bring children, adolescents, and adults back to their feelings, back to themselves. Because that is where the key lies to find that light again that has sometimes been extinguished by circumstances. How do I do this? Together we take time for your process, no hasty sessions but really the time you need to tell your story, go into the session and discuss it afterwards. During sessions, healing takes place and you free yourself from baggage. As a therapist, I facilitate and guide you in this, so that you come to insights yourself and transformation takes place.


Stress and burnout symptoms


Finding yourself after a very intensive period


Fear of failure & insecurity



Energy treatment

Holistic coaching

treatments in regular child psychiatry care

Education & Courses

Energy treatment - Shamanic training & Full Mesa Carrier certified (BUR)

Advanced Hypnotherapist (New Age Training)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce



Desiree Swalef

Hypnotherapy, energetic treatment, and holistic coaching

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