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First Aid for Relationships

First Aid for Relationships


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Sigrid Sneijders

Sigrid Sneijders

Op Holimoni sinds 18 september 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 18 sep. 2023

A romantic relationship: Put two completely different people together in one house for the rest of their lives and see what happens. Is it crazy that this sometimes causes problems? It's often difficult enough to understand ourselves and to manage our thoughts and emotions, and then we also have to take into account the person sitting next to us on the couch. In many couples, irritations and arguments escalate to the point where normal communication is no longer possible and the same conflicts keep arising. The result is ultimately a divorce or a shallow relationship where there is no longer any love or affection. Both partners are unhappy, but don't know how to resolve it. Waiting for the other person to take the initiative or change will not get you anywhere. Take the first step yourself today and learn how to improve your relationship.


Relationship therapy


Relationship therapy

Education & Courses

EFT relationship therapy (EFT Netherlands)

Hypnotherapist/Psychosocial therapist (Academy Hypnos)

Classical Homeopath (School for Classical Homeopathy)

Massage therapist (IVS)


Psychosomatic therapist (Pain Reset Method)



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First Aid for Relationships

EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), Couples therapy, Hypnotherapy, Psychosocial therapy

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