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Elvira Broersma Doula & Holistic Coach

Elvira Broersma Doula & Holistic Coach


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Elvira Broersma

Elvira Broersma

Op Holimoni sinds 27 september 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 27 sep. 2023

My specialization is in guiding pregnant women and new mothers. Before, during, and after childbirth. Everything for a good start for mother, child, and partner. But actually, all women are welcome! Also after a miscarriage, abortion or without a desire for children. Holistic coaching, massage & cranio relaxation. Treatments in practice or at home (Amsterdam area). So that you feel good in your skin and experience lasting peace and confidence in your body and life. Check out the offering of my Holistic Practice around Birth & Relaxation at If you have any questions, email or call me, I'd be happy to help!



Birth & postpartum




Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Birth & Postpartum Doula


Education & Courses

Cranio (Peirsman Cranio Sacral Academy - 2023)

Birth & Postpartum Doula (Doula Academy - 2021)

Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Academy for Holistic Coaching - 2018, 2020)

Prenatal Massage (Doula Academy - 2022)

Baby massage & baby massage during the postpartum period (Baby Massage Netherlands - 2022)

Postpartum Massage Training & Massage for Loss Birth - Training for doulas, midwives, maternity nurses, pregnancy yoga teachers, masseuses, childbirth educators (BiA trainingen / Embracing Birth NL - 2023)

Hotstone Massage (Wellness Academy - 2023)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce



Elvira Broersma Doula & Holistic Coach

Relaxation, Pregnancy, Birth, Fatigue, Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Major Life Events

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