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EsZensa Wellness, Colourkidzz

EsZensa Wellness, Colourkidzz


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Sheila Haanstra-van Kan

Sheila Haanstra-van Kan

Op Holimoni sinds 11 september 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 11 sep. 2023

Hello, my name is Sheila Haanstra-van Kan and in my holistic health practice, people have been finding tranquility, relaxation, and balance since 2007 as a necessary counterbalance to the fast pace, pressure and demands of contemporary society. Through holistic massages, energetic treatments, holistic child coaching, and vitality coaching, I support adults and children in (re)discovering the balance between exertion and relaxation. Visitors are invited to reconnect with their own essence and to feel and be again through deceleration and stillness, so that they can leave with this reinvigorated and inspired sense of balance in their energy. I help you with the process of rebalancing and reconnecting. During the coaching sessions and therapeutic treatments, clients experience 100% attention with a clear auditory listening ear and 100% presence, as well as my healing touch of love. In my treatments and coaching, I use my clairsentience and claircognizance and provide my clients with as much information, practical tips, and health advice as possible. It is your birthright to stand strong in your power and to enjoy life more, and that is my drive to support you with my sincere compassion for humanity, to point you in the right direction and to help you discover your true potential by reconnecting with your inner source and essence time and time again. As soon as you step into my practice, you will experience a calm and pleasant atmosphere, where your senses are stimulated with the subtle scent of essential oils, soft and calm colors, and subdued lighting, and where you will soon feel at ease. Feel welcome in my practice.


Children from 4 to 14

Highly sensitive people


Independent therapist

Education & Courses

Initiations Reiki 1,2 - Braingym (Kinesio, Marian Pijnenburg)

Massage therapist (IVBO Antwerp) - Children's massage (EduQreation, Marijke Sluijter)

Energy therapist (Sonnevelt education) - Aromatherapy (Civas)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce



EsZensa Wellness, Colourkidzz

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