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Margo Snoek

Margo Snoek

Op Holimoni sinds 18 september 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 18 sep. 2023

'You breathe as you live, you live as you breathe.' There is a lot of information hidden in the way you breathe and the breathing pattern you have. From a holistic point of view, inhaling is about taking life in and exhaling is about letting go. Your breathing pattern says a lot about the way you approach life. This is where the journey begins to listen to your needs, to (re)discover the energy of life. 'The body keeps the score.' Margo ignored her body for years for a career in business. It wasn't until she started truly listening that everything changed. Once you start believing in your own power, your own potential, your own love, the possibilities are infinite. Everything is already within you. Margo has a gentle and loving way of guiding. You are so welcome. In an oasis of peace in nature, at Landgoed Stameren.


Burnout symptoms

Stress complaints

Personal growth

Breath circles


Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Body-oriented Coach

Adem Coach

Education & Courses

Foundation on Ayurveda (Delight)

Body-Oriented Coach (Atma Institute)

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach (Divine Ayurveda)

Adem Coach (Holos Academy)



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Chamber of Commerce




Adem, Breathwork, Embodied Coaching, Ayurveda

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