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Free Spirit Healing

Free Spirit Healing

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Op Holimoni sinds 18 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 18 okt. 2023

Free Spirit Healing is the place where you can go for healing, relaxation, personal and spiritual development, a moment for yourself and the place to reconnect with yourself. Through healing Reiki treatments, your own energy will flow again, thereby removing blockages on all levels. You will find relaxation within yourself again, you will get out of your head and into connection with your body, and experience the peace of being in the present moment. During my cacao ceremonies, you can experience feeling and connecting with the love within yourself and with others. You can release stuck emotions and experience ultimate peace and relaxation. During my cacao ceremonies, I also use singing bowls and offer sound healing to sink even deeper into relaxation and experience silence in your mind. I also offer a prolonged 3-month program to help you fully reconnect with yourself and be able to feel love and compassion for yourself again. I am happy to help you get closer to your authentic self and live from a place of love. Life becomes so much more beautiful when you increase your self-confidence and self-worth, live from a place of gentleness, and make the right choices from there. My vision for Free Spirit Healing is a world in which people rediscover the love within themselves and connect more deeply with the essence of their true selves. Trust that love, peace, and inner harmony can be found within yourself and do not need to come from outside.


Stress symptoms

Sleep problems, restlessness in body/head, overthinking

Services for relaxation, more connection with your body, peace of mind, reconnecting with yourself, returning to your essence, releasing and allowing emotions


Reiki Healing

Sound Healing

Sound bowl sessions

Cacao Ceremonies

Education & Courses

Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 (Healingspace)

Dreaming into being - Cacao Facilitator Trajectory (Kakalina Cacao)

TEATE Intuitive Reiki Techniques (Body & Spirit)

Cacao Course Facilitator Program (Cacao Source)

Intuitive Development (Centre of Joy)

Basic course Working with Singing Bowls (Happynings)

Sound Bowl Sessions Course (Happenings)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce


Free Spirit Healing

Reiki Healing, Sound Healing, Singing Bowl Sessions, Cacao Ceremonies, Healing Session, Singing Bowl Journey

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