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Cato Tideman

Cato Tideman

Op Holimoni sinds 16 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 16 okt. 2023

My knowledge and expertise lies within breathwork, Body Remembers Trauma Therapy, mindfulness, and the plant medicine Cacao. Mindfulness, breathwork, and body therapy have helped me change my path. The fear of failure within me was transformed into confidence. Step by step, I learned to live more consciously and do what my heart desires. In 2021, I quit my permanent job and started over. I came in contact with feminine power: softness, leadership, and flow. This now flows through my work. With Geniet van Zijn, I take you on an inner voyage of discovery. I guide you to safely embrace everything within you, so that ultimately, you can let it go. To live more freely and magnificently. In my work, I am there for you, without judgment. In a safe space, you can strengthen your self-confidence and feel what needs to be transformed into loving consciousness. How do we do this? - By moving towards fear and pain. This way, you move towards discomfort, where growth lies. - By sharing each other's stories. This way, we heal not only ourselves but also each other. It is the key to connection with one another. - By surrendering to the unknown and living from trust. This way, we go with the flow of life.


Burnout symptoms, stress


Inner child work

Self-confidence, self-love

Emotional discharge

Processing Trauma


Breathing coach

BRTT & Mindfulness trainer

Education & Courses

Mindfulness Basic Training (SeeTrue)

Facilitator of Trauma Release and Breathwork (Inner Journey)

Breathing Coach Training (Smara Training)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce


Enjoy His

Breath coach, BRTT & Mindfulness trainer, Breathwork, connected breathing, Body Remembers Trauma Therapy, Body Therapy, Cacao, Cacao Ceremonies, Breath coach

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