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House of Fempowerment

House of Fempowerment


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Willemijn Dral

Willemijn Dral

Op Holimoni sinds 14 augustus 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 14 aug. 2023

As a Women's Empowerment coach, I guide women in rediscovering, activating, and owning their strength. 'Fempowerment' is at the heart of my coaching because I believe that women deserve the platform that we too often give up. That platform where we show who we are, what makes us strong and proud, and where we want to grow. Many ambitious women between the ages of 25 and 35 expect themselves to have everything figured out. This is the moment when they look more critically at themselves than ever before and set high demands in terms of work, creativity, relationships, and on a personal level. I've been there. Good news: you are not alone. Together, we undertake the sometimes tough but valuable journey to a happier and lighter life. Everything to unlock your strength!




Women's Empowerment Coach

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House of Fempowerment

Women's Empowerment Coach.

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