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Ilse Breget Organ Massage / Holistic Therapy

Ilse Breget Organ Massage / Holistic Therapy


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Ilse Breget

Ilse Breget

Op Holimoni sinds 4 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 4 okt. 2023

Together we look at you as a whole. We discover where the lines run between how you feel and what your body shows in terms of symptoms. We also expand the connections to the larger family system from which you come. What themes and dynamics were at play for you and how does that show up now in your life and in your body. With this awareness, you go 'on the table' and I treat your organs, or in other words: you undergo a stomach massage. The intention is that what no longer serves you may leave and that the original quality of the organs is revealed. This becomes much more concrete during the treatment. In this trance state, the self-healing ability of your body feels the space to become active. Your body will clean up on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). The treatment works very directly and deeply. Also very suitable for preventive maintenance.


Abdominal/organ/intestinal problems. Psychosomatic symptoms.

Unexplainable symptoms (ALK/SOLK)


Burnout symptoms

Bipolar Disorder


Organ Masseur

Holistic Therapist

Systemic Body Worker

Expert by experience Bipolarity

Education & Courses

Organic masseur and Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner (Dao of the Woman/Shivo - 2023, Tamashi - 2024)

(Holistic) Therapist (Phoenix Education - 2023, Healing - Intuitive Education Rotterdam - 2018)

Systemic Bodyworker (Combination of Phoenix and Shivo)

Expert by experience in mental health (Working with Own Experience, Basic Council - 2023)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce



Ilse Breget Organ Massage / Holistic Therapy

Organ massage, Abdominal massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Systemic Bodywork, Bipolar Disorder

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