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In Connection Practice for Holistic Massage

In Connection Practice for Holistic Massage


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Henk Ramaekers

Henk Ramaekers

Op Holimoni sinds 7 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 7 okt. 2023

A holistic massage is a delightful moment of attention, touch, warmth, nurturing, and enjoyment. Touching the skin sets all sorts of processes in motion that not only provide a sense of wellbeing but also promote better health. Massage creates space for discovery, for feeling and experiencing how you are. Each massage is completely tailored to you and adapted to your wishes.


Complaint-based massage

Relaxation massage


Massage therapist

Education & Courses

Basic massage course (Kiom) Classic Swedish massage I & II (Zonnevlecht)

Integrative holistic massage (Positive Touch)

Reiki 1 (Reiki Coaching Ellen Romme) Cupping (Solar Plexus)

Trigger point therapy (solar plexus)

Massage and cancer (Foundation 'For You' & Network Massage with Cancer) Positive Health (Fontys University of Applied Sciences)

Shiatsu facial massage (Kiom) Deep massage - Chakra massage (Raak)

Coaching for Masseurs (Kiom)

Deep tissue massage (Kopos)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce



In Connection Practice for Holistic Massage

Holistic massage, Bodywork, Relaxation, Trigger point, Stress, Mindfulness

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