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I Purely Myself

I Purely Myself


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Jessica van Vulpen

Jessica van Vulpen

Op Holimoni sinds 3 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 3 okt. 2023

My name is Jessica van Vulpen and I am a Holistic Coach, Energetic Therapist, Mindful Analyst, and I provide Access Bars sessions. I see the person as a whole and will support you in a holistic way. I am naturally sensitive and have a keen analytical mind. I combine this with a very natural form of spirituality to help you find the answers within yourself and heal traumas in the best possible way. I guide you in your process of letting go of old patterns and discovering new paths. I provide peace, support, focus, and structure, so that you have time to process experiences and create space for insights and solutions. You receive assignments and sustainable tools that you can use throughout your life. Afterwards, you will be able to continue your path in your power and with love and trust. You will feel stronger, more relaxed, more connected, and more aware of and with yourself. You will learn to recognize what is yours. So that you can be and remain your pure self. You can do it yourself, but you don't have to do it alone, with me in my practice in Alkmaar or through an online program.


Trauma, HSP

Bore-out/ Burn-out symptoms

Vitality, Mental/Physical discomfort

Depression and grief


Energetic coaching (Vision-of-Life coaching)

Counseling for depression and grief

Coaching for Highly Sensitive People

AccessBars Class (healing method)

Education & Courses

Vision-of-Life coach (Charmiëne - 2023)

Academy for Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (2017)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce


I Purely Myself

Coaching, Holism, Healing, Energy therapy, HSP, Depression and Grief, Vitality

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