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Justin van den Berg

Justin van den Berg


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Primal Focus

Primal Focus

Op Holimoni sinds 12 september 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 12 sep. 2023

About me I am Justin van den Berg, holistic breathing coach & trainer, ice bath trainer, and owner of the company Primal Focus since 2020. Primal Focus is located in Hilversum where I give individual sessions, as well as group workshops and training. In addition, Primal Focus provides training & workshops on location at companies and events. In my work as a breath & holistic coach, I help people to connect deeper with their own strength and inner peace. Through my years of practice of various breathing and cold water techniques, I have discovered an unprecedented power within myself and experienced how enriching it is to be more connected to it. It is my mission to help more people connect with the power of our true nature. ​ My unique approach is a combination of breathing techniques, holistic coaching, and exposure to ice-cold water to help you find inner peace and relaxation, improve performance, and live your unique life to the fullest.


Holistic Breath Therapist

Ice bath workshops

Trainer: Breath Coaching & Ice Bath

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Shamanic practitioner

Ceremonial guide - Extra modules plant medicines

Holistic coach & Breathwork



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Justin van den Berg

Breathing coach, Breath therapist, Holistic coach

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