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Kim Mulder

Kim Mulder

Op Holimoni sinds 3 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 3 okt. 2023

'Breathwork makes me feel more free in life. I experience peace, trust, and have more self-compassion. With a busy, responsible job, I was completely stuck in my head. It was my personal belief that I had to be available for everyone at any moment. And that caused me to completely lose myself and my own boundaries. Breathwork has brought me back into connection with myself. It has taught me to feel my body again and to reconnect with my desires. I couldn't help but move forward, make choices, and those have brought me to where I am now. I am grateful for that every day! I find a breath session very special because it cannot be predicted, yet it always gives you what you need. Breathing is the key to your inner world, your essence. That's what life is all about. Joy, creativity, and feelings of love and gratitude are given space to flow again. In my coaching, I am decisive, sincere, and exploratory. From calm and connection, I make you feel comfortable, give you space, and the feeling that everything is ok, everything is allowed to be. I offer individual breath sessions at the Mr. Breath practice in Amsterdam. In addition, I work as a coach and guide employees in their reintegration back to work.'



Breath coaching

Education & Courses

Breathing Coach (Mr. Breath - 2022/2023)

Heart Coherence (HeartMath - 2022)

Vitality coach (Vitacademy - 2021)

Stress & Burn-out coach (Sonnevelt - 2017)



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Sr. Respiro

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