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Op Holimoni sinds 29 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 29 okt. 2023

Welcome to Krakti! Krakti means 'strength' in Surinamese. Under this name, I, Nancy, offer various methods and ways to get closer to your own strength - and to stay there. At Krakti you can come for private ceremonies with psilocybin and San Pedro/Huachuma, as well as for shamanic sessions without plant medicines. Additionally, I regularly organize plant medicine retreats abroad. At a young age, I was already introduced to a holistic and spiritual worldview thanks to my mother. However, I chose to pursue a more rational and scientific path and leave the spiritual behind. After years of depression, I slowly returned to the tools my mother had given me, and through experience, I began to connect with plant medicines. I do not see myself as a 'shaman' or 'healer.' I prefer to stay far away from titles because they create limitations and expectations, in my opinion. Furthermore, everyone is a healer and a shaman, but particularly for themselves! Freedom (in the broadest sense of the word) is my personal goal, and it is also what I want to support others in achieving.


Plant medicine facilitator

Shamanic practitioner

Education & Courses

B.Sc. in Health Science with a minor in Psychology (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Cognitive behavioral therapy & Inner Child therapy (CIVAS)

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (Varkala India)

Praticante de Realinhamento de Alma (Andrrea Hass)

Permaculture Design (Eduardo Terzidis)

Praticioner de xamanismo en la línea de Sandra Ingerman (Definest)

Reiki I



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce



Plant medicine facilitator, shamanic practitioner, plant medicines, psilocybin, huachuma

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