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Love, Sunshine & Ice

Love, Sunshine & Ice


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Sigrid de Groot

Sigrid de Groot

Op Holimoni sinds 5 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 5 okt. 2023

In my field, everything revolves around stress and burnout in combination with breathing and cold training. I am convinced that the methods of Wim Hof and the power of cold training are a great way to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. What is unique about my approach is that I offer both group training on location and private sessions at people's homes. This way, I can really provide customized solutions and help my clients grow at their own pace and comfort level. I offer training for both business and private purposes. My goal is to guide people on their journey towards a healthier and happier life. I am here for you, whether you prefer to train in a group or prefer a personal approach. Together we will take on the challenge and work together to reduce stress and find balance.


Stress and Burnouts


Wim Hof instructor Lvl 2

Education & Courses

Wim Hof - Innerfire

Stress and Burn-out coach (Sonnevelt education)



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Chamber of Commerce



Love, Sunshine & Ice

Stress and Burnout, Breathing Session, Mindset and Cold Training

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