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Martijn van Ommen

Martijn van Ommen


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Martijn van Ommen

Martijn van Ommen

Op Holimoni sinds 12 september 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 12 sep. 2023

My field of expertise lies within breathwork and the gratifying work with plant medicines. At the moment, I work from home and have created a very nice and cozy space. Here I have my altar, my instruments, and attributes that I use during journeys with breath and psilocybin. I rent spaces such as a yurt or a breath space for groups. After a path of life lessons, war trauma, and addiction, I was able to discover and live my full potential through breathwork and medicine plants. This resulted in intense gratitude, being able to meet the love of my life, living with them, and walking this path together. What my participants receive from me is complete commitment, without judgement. I offer a safe space where you can (re)connect with your body, emotions, and everything that may arise. The connection and safety are the foundation for development. These are my pillars. I also use tools to allow the experience to sink deep into the fibers.


Breaking free from addictions

Reducing absenteeism in the workplace

Personal development

Breathing Circles


Life coach

herbal medicines

Breathing coach

Education & Courses

International soul coach (The Sacred Journey)

Breathing coach (Annette Weers)



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Martijn van Ommen

Breath coach, Life coach, Psilocybin ceremony facilitator

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