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MBS Alignment

MBS Alignment


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Agnes van Lingen

Agnes van Lingen

Op Holimoni sinds 29 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 29 okt. 2023

I developed MBS Alignment to help women connect better with themselves and their bodies. In this society, so many of us are always in the "on" mode and in the "doing mode"; it's time for a change! My wish is that we all become more balanced and energized by the things on our agenda, rather than feeling overwhelmed. However, it's often not that simple and that's why help in various areas is incredibly valuable. I experienced this myself when I was burned out and sunk into depression! You never have to do it alone. I believe that your mind, body, and spirit always influence each other. Focus on one can affect the others. That's why I guide you with love and pleasure in a process or session that suits your development needs. This can be an 8-week mindfulness training, a coaching trajectory (lifestyle), or one-on-one cacao ceremonies. Together we create space and a safe environment for inner processes so that you experience more happiness and health in your daily life. You got this!


Stress and burnout symptoms

Solemnity, more connection with yourself

Low energy, increase sleep quality


Mindfulness trainings & Cacao ceremonies

Lifestyle coaching

Cacao ceremonies sinds 2022

Education & Courses

Reiki 1 (ZOMA)

Cacao facilitator (Sound healing)

Mindfulness MBSR-CT (BalanSanté)

Lifestyle coaching (Hanze University of Applied Sciences)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce


MBS Alignment

Mindfulness training, cacao ceremonies, podcast host and lifestyle coaching, Mindfulness, burn-out, cacao, self-development, personal growth, sadness, meditation.

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