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Lydia Zoon

Lydia Zoon

Op Holimoni sinds 7 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 7 okt. 2023

Contrary to what is often thought, Mindfulness is not 'airy-fairy'. Instead of focusing on events from the past or to-do lists for the future, Mindfulness focuses on the Here and Now, very realistically in the direct moment. Mindfulness is not about 'emptying your mind' or avoiding discomfort. In the trainings, you learn to deal with thoughts, feelings and physical sensations in a different way so that anxiety, tension, stress or restlessness can be better managed. The sessions consist of psycho-education, insight into the workings of the brain, the autonomic nervous system and guided meditation exercises. The trainings are provided both online and in-person, individually, in pairs or in small groups of up to 4 participants. I also offer mindfulness weekend retreats. Each training consists of eight weekly sessions of approximately two hours. My work experience covers a period of 20 years in mental health care, as a psycho-social therapist, autism specialist and mindfulness trainer for people with a psychiatric background. This experience has fueled the drive to continue to make as many people as possible aware of the added value of mindfulness with enthusiasm, dedication and humor. My personal experience in the field of meditation goes back to 1983 when, during a long hospitalization, I was introduced to meditation on the recommendation of the treating physician at the time. Meditating has brought me so much inner strength and peace over the years, during which many experiences of loss took place, that in 2012 I decided to follow the long training to become a certified mindfulness trainer by VMBN and VVM, even though I am already retired.



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Mindfulness trainer

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MBCT-MBSR certified mindfulness trainer (SeeTrue)

Self-Compassion Trainer (IAM, David Dewulf)

Trainer individual Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (Center for Mindfulness Amsterdam)

Trainer Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness (Academy for Open Awareness)




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Mindful consciousness

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