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Mystical Arts

Mystical Arts


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Anna Catharin Heil

Anna Catharin Heil

Op Holimoni sinds 11 november 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 11 nov. 2023

Hi, I’m Anna Ceremony facilitator, birth doula, holistic health coach, biohacker, functional nutritionist, breathwork professional, cacao guardian, musician, globe trotter and philanthropist. I love people. And I love seeing people heal and thrive. My dharma – or soul’s mission – in this lifetime is to guide and assist others through moments of metamorphosis: processes of personal growth and transformation. I’m not here to do the work FOR you. I’m here to humbly but firmly hold the space as you navigate your own journey. To hold your hand, to help you illuminate your path, and to lean on for support. Over the last decade I have gathered and filled my personal “medicine cabinet” with a wide range of tools that I use to meet people where they’re at, and help them take the next step on their personal development journey.


Plant Medicine Ceremonies sinds 2018

Breathwork sinds 2019

Women's Circles sinds 2021

Doula Work sinds 2021

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Mystical Arts

Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Breathwork, Women's Circles, Doula Work, magic truffles, magic mushrooms, cacao, rapé, hapé

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