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On the road with Alemke

On the road with Alemke

Utrecht, Maarssen, Son


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Alemke van Baren

Alemke van Baren

Op Holimoni sinds 25 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 25 okt. 2023

Connected breathing is like coming home to yourself. It's a beautiful, gentle and loving way of making contact with yourself, welcoming yourself and from there entering new space. I guide people 1-on-1 on a breath journey or in breath circles. What I hear back about my coaching style is that it's especially gentle, loving and inviting. I think it's important that you feel safe and grounded first and foremost. From there, we'll explore, play and discover. From big to small, from powerful to vulnerable, and from quiet to living life to the fullest! I'm trained as a social worker, coach, systemic coach and breath coach. I incorporate these trainings and my own experiences into my coaching. Breathwork with a systemic perspective is what I love doing most. Our breath is such a beautiful mirror. Our breath always brings us to the here and now and shows us exactly what needs attention now. I guide people in my practice space at LEIN Women's Care in Son, the Natural and Health Center in Maarssen, and at Studio Loevenhout in Utrecht.



In connection with your body

Living with intention


Breathing coach


Education & Courses

Breath coach (Holos Academy Utrecht)

Systemic team trainer and coach (ICM trainings)

Coaching training (ICM training)

Sociaal Werk (Utrecht University of Applied Sciences)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce


On the road with Alemke

Breath coach, Coach, Breathwork, Breath session, Personal growth, Body-oriented, Breath circle

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