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Pauline Hoogzaad Coaching & Training

Pauline Hoogzaad Coaching & Training


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Pauline Hoogzaad

Pauline Hoogzaad

Op Holimoni sinds 13 september 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 13 sep. 2023

My mission is to contribute to the healing processes of my clients. The more people work on their healing process, the more conscious, loving and nicer the world becomes for all of us! Healing always begins with yourself and remains an ongoing process. During our lives, things happen that increasingly distance us from ourselves, and it becomes more important what the outside world thinks instead of what we ourselves think. Sometimes we don't even know what we 'really' think, and 'feeling' becomes even more difficult. Breathwork sessions ensure that unconscious tensions and emotions are released. The sessions help you heal from limiting patterns and beliefs that pollute your mind with toxic thoughts. Toxic thoughts are bad for the body and mind, sometimes even making you sick. During the healing process, life becomes lighter and there is more balance between thinking and feeling. You come back to yourself, who you really are and what you truly have to offer! I offer individual breathwork sessions and breath circles in small groups in the Rotterdam and Ouderkerk aan den IJssel area. You are also welcome for coaching and table setups. I look forward to meeting you!


Breathing coach

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Breathwork, Systemic Work, Transpersonal Coaching

NLP, Character Structures, Systemic Ritual® and Table Constellations (Smara Trainings)



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Pauline Hoogzaad Coaching & Training

Breath coach, Breath circle, Breathwork.

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