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Practice José Löhr

Practice José Löhr


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José Löhr

José Löhr

Op Holimoni sinds 25 september 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 25 sep. 2023

In my practice, I offer tools that allow you to safely release tension. Tools that you can use yourself to recover from stress and trauma. Through various methods, you will learn how to calm the nervous system and restore balance, making you more resilient and restoring your body's self-healing ability. This contributes to better health, more happiness, and inner peace. I work with: –TRE®, tension & trauma releasing exercises –Breath coaching –Artistic guidance –Personal retreats Together, we will determine what works best for you. I use one method or a combination, always customized and aimed at relaxation, recovery, and resilience. Our house is partly used as a practice space; upstairs for 1 on 1 sessions and downstairs for small groups. I also work on location and visit people at home (if necessary). During the sessions, you will have my full attention, and I will share my knowledge with you. I support you in (re)learning to recognize the signals of your body, in discharging tension, and in regulating and integrating. So that you can stay grounded. I work professionally and from my own experience with trauma.


Complaints related to tension, stress and/or trauma, (stress-related) physical complaints and breathing problems.

Children, young and elderly people, with or without specific symptoms, with a (mild) intellectual and/or physical disability, PTSD and/or with a psychological vulnerability (trauma sensitive)


Artistic supervisor

Personal retreats

TRE Provider

Breath coaching

Education & Courses

Trauma and Inner Conflict (Webinar Series, Janina Fisher - 2023)

Masterclass, TRE and the pelvic floor (Yogalab, Daan Timmer & Tonja Verheul - 2022)

Breathwork Masterclass (Kasper van der Meulen, level 1 & 2 - 2021)

Masterclass, TRE and the Face (Yogalab, Daan Timmer & Tonja Verheul - 2021)

Psoas training, Yogalab (Daan Timmers - 2021)

Breath coaching (Herleva - 2020)

TRE® Provider (Yogalab Amsterdam - 2020)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce



Practice José Löhr

TRE Provider, Breath coach, Artistic counselor, Personal retreats

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