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Raise Up Community

Raise Up Community

Groningen & Leek

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Raisa Runia

Raisa Runia

Op Holimoni sinds 22 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 22 okt. 2023

De Rais Up Community is a place where women come together. For women who want to grow, connect and come home to their true authentic power. A place where women's circles, breathwork, alternative therapy sessions, retreats and flex workspaces come together. But above all, a place to be yourself and embody all the powers within you. The women's circles are evenings full of connection, recognition, and a place to simply be. With dance, cacao, meditation, reflection, like-minded people and much more (in Groningen). In my therapy sessions, I reach out my hand to rediscover your life with you, so you can be who you always were deep down inside (Leek & Groningen). Breathwork is there to clear your body, which you can see as a kind of hard drive that stores all experiences and events for you. It is a powerful tool to release trapped emotions (Leek & Groningen). Programs are there to connect you to your true authentic core. Because all the answers are within you, be sure to check out my website.


Self-development, personal growth

Stuck emotions

Burnout symptoms


Low energy


Creative therapist

Women's circles


Education & Courses

Creative Therapy (Stenden)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce


Raise Up Community

Creative therapist, women's circles, breathwork, retreats and live/online programs, therapist, connecting, emotional release, community, sisterhood.

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