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Sara Verre Coaching and Healing

Sara Verre Coaching and Healing


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Sara Verre

Sara Verre

Op Holimoni sinds 14 augustus 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 14 aug. 2023

For over ten years, Sara has been using entheogenic and traditional plant medicine in her personal journey. She is a modern medicine woman who helps bridge the gap between ancient traditions and science. Through ceremonial work with Psilocybin and Cacao, she intuitively guides people to discover their inner healer and supports clients as they prepare for and integrate their psychedelic experiences. As a transformation coach, she employs NLP, transpersonal psychology, trauma integration, thought inquiry, and emotional processing techniques. She takes a holistic approach, utilizing energy healing, yoga, breathwork, meditation, somatic therapy, mindfulness, and herbology in her practice. Sara enjoys sharing her gifts of working with subtle energies and communication while also maintaining a grounded, calm, and centered presence. Her natural ability to support people in the most vulnerable processes is matched by her gentle, connected, and heart-centered energy.





Yoga, Breath coaching, Mindfulness & Meditation teacher

Coach of psychology transpersonal

Energy healer and Psychedelic facilitator

Education & Courses

Transpersonal Coaching Psychology

Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy

Reiki Level I & II Practitioner, Yoga Alliance 200 RYT



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce



Sara Verre Coaching and Healing

Guia de medicina de planta, integración psicodélica y entrenador de transformación.

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