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Shine in Presence

Shine in Presence


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Alexandra Janssen

Alexandra Janssen

Op Holimoni sinds 14 augustus 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 14 aug. 2023

In today's world, we have to be many things. Sometimes, there are periods when it's not so clear and it's difficult to make choices. You might feel unsure about what suits you best or where you actually stand. I help you find your direction in life or work and let your voice be heard from your talent, so that you can follow your flow in life effortlessly. I work in the field of personal development, communication, and authentic profiling. As a young woman, I'm happy to support you in taking your place in the world. I work with a focus on the body, don't hesitate to go deep, and welcome you warmly in my practice in Landsmeer or online. You're also welcome to join the SoulShine coach week in my beloved Spain: a wonderful program in an amazing environment. It's time to live up to our potential!




Training actor

Presentation trainer & (Speaker) coach


Education & Courses

Effortless Coaching, Train the Trainer (Trainer)

Creative Therapy Drama, Theater training 'The Collective'

Reading Training (Ellen Slok)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce



Shine in Presence

Presenting, Communication, Self-confidence, Authenticity & Coaching

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