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Irma Smegen

Irma Smegen

Op Holimoni sinds 5 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 5 okt. 2023

I am Irma Smegen and I am committed to the well-being of children and changes in education. I am a mindfulness and compassion trainer, and have over 30 years of experience in education as a primary school teacher and (teacher training) lecturer. My work is primarily aimed at parents and professionals working with children. More and more people are experiencing stress-related symptoms or burnout. I believe that we truly serve children by teaching them from a young age how to take good care of themselves and others. This led me to develop my first book on mindfulness for school: 'Playing in Silence'. I have since written 5 books with fun exercises to help children stand firm and not only take good care of themselves, but also of others and the world around them. My most recent book, written with Marjolein Prenger, is a compassion training for children: 'Just Be Kind'. Teaching mindfulness and compassion is now the main part of my work. I also give lectures and workshops internationally, and I am involved in art educational and mindfulness programs.


Parents and professionals working with children



Trainer mindfulness, compassion and singing bowls

Education & Courses

Mindfulness Trainer Education (See True)

Sound Bowl Healing (Including Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre)

Heart coherence training (Caroline ten Brink)

Compassion training (Frits Koster)

Theater teacher training (University of Applied Sciences NHL Stenden, Leeuwarden)

The 7 Habits (Stephen R. Covey)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Primary Education Teacher Training (Drenthe University of Applied Sciences)



Additional insurance

Chamber of Commerce



Play Your Smart

Mindfulness, Compassion, Nature, Singing Bowls, Children, Connection

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