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Frederike van Spaendonck

Frederike van Spaendonck

Op Holimoni sinds 30 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 30 okt. 2023

Hi, I'm Frederike and I'm an experienced career and life coach, and psychodynamic therapist. I coach based on the conviction that you have much more in you than you think. I help you find that spark that's missing in your life. Self-knowledge is the key to more peace, balance, and a deeper connection with yourself and others. Lawyer, consultant, recruiter. I've often changed course and know what it's like to be searching. Searching for who I am, what I'm good at, what I love, and how I want to contribute to the world. Ultimately, a coach helped me realize that I want to work with people. And that's where the seed was planted to focus on coaching. Do you dream of a different life, do you want change and are you curious if I can help you? Let's get to know each other!


Career and professional development


Stress and burnout symptoms

Negative thoughts

Breaking Patterns


Life coach

Psychodynamic therapist

Education & Courses

Life coaching (Symbiosis Coaching)

NLP practitioner (Tristan Soames)

Psychodynamic Therapist (Academy for Psychodynamics)



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce



To the sky

Life and career coach, Psychodynamic therapist, Coaching, Family constellations, Career, Career coaching, Life coaching, Self-love, Personal development, Trauma, Burnout, NLP

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