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Marko Leeman

Marko Leeman

Op Holimoni sinds 18 september 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 18 sep. 2023

On my life path, I have come into contact with various techniques to free myself from stuck emotions and traumas. Connected breathwork was the technique that truly freed me from pains from the past that had been there for years. It was during a breathing session where I had an insight and realized from deep within that I wanted to share this technique with everyone. I deliberately say 'everyone' because it is clear to me that as human beings, we all must serve with our emotions. When we don't, it can seem like everything is going well, while in reality, we are becoming more disconnected from ourselves. The possibility of healing ourselves through our breath was a revelation to me that I want everyone to experience. Actually, it's quite simple: we can go for a maximum of a month without food, a day or 5 without water, and a maximum of 5 minutes without breathing. How beautiful is it to focus on our most essential needs with that knowledge?




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