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Kinga de Wit

Kinga de Wit

Op Holimoni sinds 28 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 28 okt. 2023

Welcome to my Holistic Wellness Center, where YOU as my client are considered the center of your Universe. I believe that everything in our lives is a reflection of what is happening inside. True healing comes from within. By understanding the meaning/message of our problems, patterns, and pains, we can resolve them or at least draw important lessons from them.​ I have personal experience with many of the issues and complaints my clients struggle with. Everything I offer has been tried and tested by myself, and I have taken the core of 'what works' for my clients. Because I have faced certain issues myself and have overcome them (with trial and error, blood, sweat and tears) I know what obstacles you might encounter as a client and how to overcome them. Why choose Wellness in Mind: Because my message/approach resonates with you, feels good, or corresponds with your wishes. But also, because I offer you a UNIQUE MIX of * personal and professional experience, * continuous education in various (alternative) modalities, * a holistic approach, * and practical, intuitive, body-oriented, psychological, and spiritual methods that tackle the CORE of the problem. I strive to offer my clients (you!) a person-centered treatment to support them in improving their well-being.​ My services include, but are not limited to: energetic healing, inner child work, relief of chronic pain and allergy, consciousness, self-love, setting boundaries, NLP, trauma and body-oriented work, training and spiritual guidance.​ In addition to psychological treatment, I offer energetic healing for home/office and also services that are aimed at people who feel a deep mission within themselves to improve the world. You are most welcome!


Burnout symptoms

Body-mind connection



Chronic pain


Holistic psychologist

Education & Courses

Clinical and Health Psychology (Leiden University), NLP Practitioner (Mind Academy)

Nutritional therapy, stress counseling, ADHD/ADD coaching, intuitive development, inner child therapy (CIVAS)

Basic and advanced course EMDR (EMDR Center), Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT (Training Institute for Therapists)

Time Line Therapy (TM) Practitioner and Master Practitioner (NLP_Ac), Kundalini Reiki (Sharana), OldPain2Go® (Steven Blake), Soul Realignment® (Andrrea Hess), Gemstone Therapy (Centre of Excellence)

Psychosomatics (Henk Fransen), Where Trauma is Stored in Your Body - Shift It (Evette Rose), Breathwork Teacher Training Certificate Course (Jessica Fleming)

Training Learning to Look at Your Child differently (Rian van Wel), Training Stop Parenting (Rian van Wel), Basic ACT Training (Bekker Educational and Psychological Advice)

Healing Trauma and Emotional Stress (Evette Rose) + many others



Not covered

Chamber of Commerce


Wellness in Mind

Holistic Psychologist, Coach, Healer, Breathwork, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Akashic Records, Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), anxiety, assertiveness, inner strength, intuition, manifestation

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