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Yoga with Kavi

Yoga with Kavi

Harpenden, UK, The Hague

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Kavi Kanani

Kavi Kanani

Op Holimoni sinds 30 oktober 2023

Op Holimoni sinds 30 okt. 2023

I teach yoga in order to help you connect with your intuition. What does that mean? It means helping you to connect with what your mind and body truly want. These desires are often different, and we sometimes try to force ourselves into something that doesn't feel right. By creating a practice that emphasizes intuition, my classes help you to feel more grounded in your body and create a practice that truly works for you. I strive to create a non-judgmental space, but I will encourage you to explore what might be holding you back and whether those limitations are true or just beliefs you hold. My classes blend powerful and calming techniques into a creative practice. Yoga originated in India and as an Indian raised in the UK with exposure to mantras and disciplined practices, as well as a background in cultural anthropology, I have a unique perspective on yoga that can cater to a Western audience. Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!


Yoga teacher

Education & Courses

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training (Rishikesh)

Treinamento de ajuste prático (Londres)



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Chamber of Commerce


Yoga with Kavi

Yoga teacher who guides you to connect with your intuition through intuitive flows, yin classes, and online classes. Also specializes in hosting retreats in England. As an international yoga teacher (mainly in the UK and NL), I focus on intuition, calmness, empowerment, and active listening.

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